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You all are curious to know about lifestyle and love affairs of Call Girls in Kolkata you may interest in or liking for any reason.

Let me clear you all the call girls involved in this are natural human’s and have thousands of reasons to get into all these.

I am Payal Rajput, belongs to a very good and well groomed family. When I was young my parents got died. I was the only child of my family. My relatives spoiled me for my property and I left with no money and they left me on the streets.

Someone took me from there and sell me out to the broker in Kolkata. Broker taken care of me and bring me into this profession. Initially I hated myself but one day one of my clients told me that “when I call you and make love I feel so happy inside me and my frustration, my problems and other negativity in my life automatically gets a side for some time. You are the reason for my smile.”

After listening those fantastic words I started thinking deep inside me that may be I m doing so wrong for lot of people due to their mentality but I am spreading happiness and people love to spend time with me be it for sexual consent but yes I have something to spread for crating happiness in this world.

From that day I start loving my profession and do it by all my heart. I even start learning new skills by watching porn and talking to other call girls. I also start seeking for client feedback to improve my professional skills. And now I have experience of 1 and half years with superb key skills to pleasure all my esteemed clients.

I would love to serve them in extreme, beyond all the limits. My clients are everything for me now. For real time life changes I also have to update myself with new trends and high profile lifestyle.

I usually do yoga, gym and follow strict diet plans to maintain my physical appearance to that approach where my clients never felt offended if they taking me to five star hotels or any other gathering where they want to make feel special with my presence. I never think of ditching anyone as I am honest inside me. I also very much committed to my promises and never did fraud to anyone as other Kolkata Escorts Girls do.

With my 23 years of life I am PAYAL RAJPUT and I am proud of my profession. If I am talking about my physical appearance then I must say that the time you see me you will never ever forget my face in your entire life. With fair complexion I am having more or less 34-28-36 figure with the height of 5 feet 8 inches without heels. I had one plastic surgery by which I modified my upper lip to provide my clients extraordinary smooching experiences. I am well educated and fluent in English and even in French language. My mother tongue is Hindi in which I am so badly comfortable to talk. My attitude and behavior is based on how you treat me. If you respect me and my profession I will surely never make you feel regret for anything. I also believe in GOD and follow my religion. I am selfie-maniac now days… oops. I would love to do instagram, facebook, videocalling on various apps and love to make new friends. But due to my profession I never get committed to someone because I don’t believe in fake relationships. I also love to drink beer, vodka, Champaign, scotch, etc. I don’t like to smoke but respect other’s smoking habits. I never like to share or discuss my personal life problems with my clients. I love long drives and grow-up talks, late night conversations on poolside. I like to play Snooker sometime with a drink in my hand.

Many Escorts Service Kolkata also offer you what I offer you here but not all the fingers in a hand are the same. All have their specific reason to bring them into use. I believe what I offer with all my love and pleasure other may offer too but I will definitely provide you a different taste of sexual enrichment. I will bring you to that distinct level of satisfaction where you surly forget about others even your wives or girlfriends. Darling, I have that powers which make you feel fallen for me and a body you can die for. I maintained myself too hygienically which everyone’s first priority if they call a Kolkata Independent Escorts.

Based on my skills I have wide range of services now and different styles for my different clients. Oh yes..!! Money also matters for services I provide for your pleasure. Because, at the end it’s all end-up on money to speedup my lifestyle and your status. I believe in making deadly combination with you. I can provide you a real girlfriend experience in very short time and the benefit of this particular relation is I never create mess by calling and reaching you all the time. If you were really nice according to me then I will surely become friend of yours by which I believe in a bonding that allow us to make love again and again with different experience all the time.

In the end I must say in Kolkata if you enquire about me you will find my name in leading Escorts in Kolkata. People who voted me as a fantastic Kolkata Escort they all have courage to try my services even a once. I am eagerly waiting for your interest in me and I am just a phone call away from you. You can call me on +918420755210 at any time. My services are up to date and latest according to the worldwide trends. I also would love to try new things. I believe in providing you sexual and mental satisfaction as well.

That’s all about your Lovable Payal Rajput from the latest interview based on people’s interest to find high profile VIP Kolkata Escort.